At The Sanctuary we consider it our mission to declare an uncompromising message of faith and hope to an otherwise hopeless world. We have purposed to hand this apostolic message to the next generation untainted. Our preaching, singing, activities, plans, goals and aspirations are all designed with this mission in mind. We are big on outreach. We are even bigger on inreach!!! For far too long we have allowed our children to be statistics. Hoping that they would receive this wonderful message of a saving Christ by osmosis. Time has proven that to be a faulty and fruitless hope. We have made the family our top priority.

Mission: To deliver a message of saving faith to a lost and dying world.

“…Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

-Mark 16:15



Ted & Beth Erskine Pastor & First Lady

Aaron & Alycia Avery
Asst. Pastor & Second Lady

Kim Jemison
Church Secretary