With literally 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of sound gear and equipment our sound team carry a heavy load of responsibility for every service. Recording, sound quality, volume levels, overhead presentation, announcements, advertisements, you name it, when it comes to Audio/Visual work they are busy. We are blessed to have someone as gifted as Alex operate our audio and visual needs. Proper and effective sound is not the result of flipping some power switches. Alex and his team understand that proper and effective Audio/Visual ministry is not an add on to the service . . . proper and effective Audio/Visual ministry IS the service. With an ear for music and a heart for the Kingdom of God, Alex effectively balances the needs of the platform staff and the audience. Audio copies of each service are available and many promotional packets are designed throughout the year to enhance the archived audio libraries of The Sanctuary’s members. Alex and his team do all the installation, enhancement and upgrades for our Audio/Visual needs here at The Sanctuary. The Audio/Visual team keeps our sound and visual needs met with cutting edge technology, mixer upgrades, Aviom personal monitor systems, etc. Likewise, functional and easily adaptable computer programs are all part of their endless search for the consummate Audio/Visual team.