We are continually looking for top notch people to serve in ministry on our greeting staff. Just shaking a guest’s hand does not constitute ministry. Travis and his people strive to be the face of The Sanctuary at every service. The Hostesses, Ushers, Parking Lot Attendants, Lead Staff and Assigned Ministerial Escorts . . . this is one locked on group. They know where it is, know where it was or know how to get it!!! A lot of time is spent revisiting our ministry responsibilities in the greeting staff. Again this is not a “whosoever will” ministry. Statistics vary but suffice it to say you have but a few minutes to make the right impression. Some even suggest you have less than 15 minutes to sufficiently impact guests to such an extent they will want to return. Our greeting staff understands the seriousness of their job; those that don’t do not last long on this vital church ministry.